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Welcome to  Chitrobd

We work to make your dreams true…

We are a professional event management agency based in Dhaka, Bangladesh and offer corporate events, Trade events, marketing events, exhibitions, consumer shows, product launch. Event management is the new buzzword on the media, glamour and education circuits. It is no longer something done once in a while by the public relations guys. Now, most events are organised by an event management company, with experts taking care of every little detail – right from the color scheme at the venue contests lined up for the entertainment of guests. We are a distinguished service provider of event management. We organize various types of event management like Professional Event Management, cultural event management etc. Right from conferences to product launches, we offer you with the best reliable event management service. If you’re planning on putting together a party or day out for your staff and need an events company to take care of all the details, please get in touch with a member of our team. We live, eat and breathe events and are excited to be a part of your next project!

Why Chitrobd ???

We work to make your dreams true…

If you’re looking for the best corporate event planners to help you organise your next event, there are two things you should look for – experience and creativity. An experienced event management company will have worked on more events than you could count, meaning they will be able to anticipate any problems that might arise and have ready-made solutions to overcome them.Creativity is the most important factor in our opinion. Chitrobd Events is a trusted partner in the planning, design, and execution of events that demand lasting impact. We create the story of your brand, product or business through events. We’re a unique event management team dedicated to our clients. We work with our clients to understand their ethos and the message they wish to communicate. We provide unexpected, creative and individual bespoke event solutions to all. We are more than an event planning company, and bring more to the table than a network of vendors. We bring collective, clever creativity backed by thoughtful, calculated logistics that turn events into unmatched experiences to our clients.

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